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"The success of any great moral enterprise does not depend upon numbers." - William Lloyd Garrison

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Progress update of the simmer

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What is music? Can water describe the ocean or ocean describe the water?

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Let's philosophize.

Progress update of the simmer

There definitely was a time where anything that pops in to my mind, I’d find it very interesting and couldn’t wait to share which from this experience I have learned that this approach is naive and harmful. But now more … Continue reading

Thought before the thought. (Part I)

What was the very first thought you ever conceived? Did your brain just decided to think? What decided that decision to think to create the first ever thought you ever conceived? All the other subsequent thoughts stemmed from that thought! … Continue reading


Time is the most valuable thing in this existence so called life. Our time here is limited and it’s beyond precious. ‘Your life is ending one minute at a time’ There’s one thing You should never take away from someone without … Continue reading

What is music? Can water describe the ocean or ocean describe the water?

If human consciousness created music, can the creation have hidden signature of the creator? Could the Details in the Fabric somehow describe the textile machine which it was born from? I believe music defines life itself perfectly even though life itself created music … Continue reading


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